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Our Rules Are Strictly Enforced To Assure a Pleasant Camping Experience For Everyone CHECK-IN After 1 pm. CHECK-OUT by 11 am. Inquire at office for LATE CHECK-OUT availability.  No CHECK-INS after 9:30pm.


All campers and visitors must be registered at the office. Vehicles must have a valid pass visible on dash at all times. To enter the campground after store is closed an electronic gate pass is offered for a $20 cash deposit. This is refunded when pass is returned at end of stay.  Electronic gate passes are not issued to individuals under the age of 21.  The office will not open the gate after store is closed.  No more than two parked vehicles per site.


Parents are responsible for their safety and conduct.  All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult after 10 pm, including on site campfires and travel back and forth to restrooms.  Children under 16 cannot swim without adult supervision.  No bike riding after dark. Playground is closed after 10pm.  


No large, aggressive, or overprotective dogs such as: Dobermans, Pit Bulls aka American Stafford shire Terrier, Pit Bull Mix, German Shepard’s, or Shar-Pai's without special permission from the management. No Snakes or Ferrets. When pets are outside they must be on a leash and attended to at all times.  Barking dogs will not be tolerated. When walking your dog/cat carry a pooper-scooper, all dropping must be picked up. Cats are to be left in your camper, not left to wander the campground. No pets allowed in playgrounds, pools, pool area or large events. Do not leave tied unattended pets on your site, to fencing within park, or around any of the pools. Please remember to bring your updated rabies papers each time upon checkin. Pets without appropriate paperwork will not be allowed to enter. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets. Pets are not allowed in any of the rental units.


Speed limit is 5 mph throughout the park and up at the store. No gas powered scooters or gas golf carts allowed. Walking, biking, driving or parking through/on other's camp sites is prohibited. Please use roadways, access paths and public parking. Be respectful of other camper's privacy. Please do not park on side of road or obstruct traffic.


Swim suits must be worn. No diapers. No glass containers or alcohol within pool. No smoking within pool area. No pets in or around pool area (including grass area outside the fence). Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult within the pool fence. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. Do not swim alone. Obey all postings at the pool.


Cleaning of vehicles or trailers is not permitted at any time.


Please separate trash from cardboard / paper recyclables and bring to the dumpsters. Dumpsters and recycling area located near gate at the store. Please leave your site clean. 


Fires are only permitted in the existing pits on the site. Never leave a fire burning unattended. Fire ash and cinders should be contained within the pit. No wood is to be brought onto the property without prior consent from management. Absolutely no nails, metal or glass is to be burned in or around pits. Flames are not to exceed 3 feet. Fires are to be fully extinguished by midnight.


Is from 11 pm to 8 am. All radios and music players should be completely off between these hours. Golf carts should be parked back at sites no later than midnight.


Obscene language, drunkardness, disorderly conduct, possessing, selling or using illegal drugs WILL NOT be tolerated. Open use of marijuana is not permitted. No firearms or B.B. guns.  Business may not be conducted from this property. Campers are responsible for the conduct of their guests.


Do not tie ropes or strings to trees. No defacing, cutting or driving nails into trees. Hammocks are not permitted unless used with straps. Leave nature in better condition than when you arrived.


Campers are responsible for the conduct of their guests. All guests must be registered at the office. A fee of $10 per person daily is required upon arrival. Do not give your electronic gate pass to visitors. It could result in termination of your pass.

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